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Little Bitchard & Uncle​-​X - Gamma 2

from Decades Vol. 1 - My 20+ Years Journey Into Demoscene Electronica by Little Bitchard



The way this song happened was, me & Uncle-X had gotten acquainted in late summer of 1997 and he, having been a fan of some of my earlier Protracker (Amiga) songs, was keen to have me contribute to a mfx demo. Gamma 2 turned out to be that one, but it's release schedule was also such a tight one that we didn’t have the time to arrange any co-op writing sessions. So I just handed three of my incomplete song sketches to Uncle-X who then combined those as he saw fit. Soundtrack done!

Completed: 1997
Original format: FT2 module, 54 kilobytes
Tempo: 110.029 BPM
Tools: OctaMED Pro (Amiga), Impulse Tracker
Used in: 'Gamma 2' by mfx
Ranked: 14th in The Party 1997 64kb Competition
More info: demozoo.org/productions/19424/



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