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Isoljator is first in a series of co-ops with Mel Function, written around live tweaking the Padsyn & Infector (Buzz Tracker) synths. MF had a large collection of sketches and he wanted to try turning some of those to be used in demos. Buzz Tracker was highly unstable at the time though, and after getting frustrated with the slow progress, I suggested we just record the audio output of Buzz while MF tweaked these synths.

I edited the recordings to a full-length arrangement and recorded some additional synth parts using Access Virus B. We also gave Mcre (Manticore / mfx) the Buzz project; he wrote the drum parts which I then edited to fit over the song. The song was released under alias ”Kewlers All-Stars” mostly for the more compact name.

Completed: 2003
Original format: mp3
Tempo: 152 BPM
Used in: 'Protozoa' by Kewlers
Tools: Buzz Tracker, Acid 3, Access Virus B
Ranked: 6th in the Breakpoint 2003 PC Demo Competition
More info: demozoo.org/productions/3304/


from Decades Vol. 1 - My 20+ Years Journey Into Demoscene Electronica, released November 22, 2019
Kewlers All-Stars is Little Bitchard, Mel Function and Mcre (aka Actor Dolban).


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