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Little Bitchard & Mel Function - Kitey3 (LB's Chordophonic Bit Remix)

from Decades Vol. 1 - My 20+ Years Journey Into Demoscene Electronica by Little Bitchard



'Kitey3' was last of the Buzz Tracker co-ops with Mel Function. Contrary to the live jamming ethos of the series, I had no choice but to write the song over a few basic loops Mel had for having lost his Buzz projects with a failed harddrive.

Completed: 2007
Original format: mp3
Tempo: 126 BPM
Tools: Buzz Tracker, Acid Pro 6, Access Virus B
Used in: Bitjam Vol. 1 - Solaris (compilation)
Rank: 3rd in the Evoke 2007 Wild Competition
More info: demozoo.org/productions/8441/



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