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Completed: 2007
Original format: mp3
Tempo: 162 BPM
Tools: Acid Pro 7, Access Virus B
Used in: '1 Finger' by Kewlers
Rank: 5th in the Revision 2013 PC Demo Competition
More info: demozoo.org/productions/59920/

Hardcore rave was big around mid-to-late 90s and I definitely did my share of RMB, Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo, Dune and many others. And the alias I used for this one, "Dyyni", that's "Dune" in finnish.. While I couldn’t afford buying gear to write this type of music in the 90s, that didn't stop me doing some many years later - I finished the song in 2007 after which it sat in the drawer until 2013, when Curly Brace decided to pick it up for the Kewlers demo.


Faith is the religion of the weak

Yes, we create our destiny
Faith is the religion of the weak

Faith is the religion of the weak



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