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Variform (Pinza's Horn​-​y House Cut)

from Variform Remixed by Little Bitchard & Mel Function



Remixer Shout-out / Scroll Text taken from the Win32 app (included on original Audio-CD):

Hiya. I am usually very lazy in writing anything noteworthy to things like this, so here's some typical blabber


I started remixing it in the beginning of 2004. Main point was this : since electro as a style is somewhat quite limited on flow and groove (because of ... well, electro riddims), I plain wanted to make it a bit more dancefloor oriented. This was where it started to take form; cutting and fudging up the basslines on a groovy house background. Next thought was to add some organic hook to bring some flavour on top, so I found out that sexy brass-lines fit into the 'chorus'-part and so on. This all worked great until I forgot the 'less is more'-rule and stuffed that almost ready version to nearly a level of ear tiring nonsense. Well, not long after I lost all interest in working with it and left it lying into the depths of my harddrive. About a year later (first quarter of 2005) I dug it up from it's grave and went to visit Doctor Bitchard for some sonic surgery. We reconstructed the song structure a bit and I recorded some additional sounds from his lovely Access Virus-synth, before it was at the point of just minor polishing and mastering, which of course was done by the man himself. That's about it. It may not be the most interesting remix you come across here, but at least I think it works as it's supposed to. Remember kids, play it LOUD!


Oh, and greetings to everyone, especially the nice people in Spain and Finland. You rock, you rule. :)


from Variform Remixed, released November 25, 2005