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Variform (Instrumental)

from Variform Remixed by Little Bitchard & Mel Function



Shout-out / Scroll-text taken from the Win32 app (included on original Audio-CD):

Mel Funktion on the keys.. The notion behind the "we are back" samples in the original version was to refer to our extolled mini-comeback after "Kopio" (Lobotomia '00) and "AH-CMC" (Lobotomia '02). The overstated bombast in that trite announcement was thought to be achieved by a gesture towards LFO's well-known masterpiece. Various phrases, each one more insipid than the other, were tried before encountering the one we used. It had just the cue we needed. Phrases like "we are the true creators" and "we are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams", several variations of them, and basically just about everything we tried out just sounded plain stupid and/or were derogatory to the planned mood of the production. The chosen samples were prepared by first using a crummy speech synth, and then editing and effecting them a bit to give them some additional depth and sharpness. I'm not quite sure why this instrumental version was added into this compilation, but I guess it serves as a surrogate for those people who didn't get the point of those samples, or who just don't like vocoder stuff in general...or something...In addition to all that was just typed, I'd also like to lengthen this rather nonsensical row of characters by sending greetings to accession and Muumi/TPOLM (yo soy electricista, biaatch!), and just type '7 1 5 5 1 7' because I happen to like to do that a lot...I think. ~1400 chars is plenty enough.

.. ..

Hey hey hey Bitchard here, dropping a few words. To correct Mel's stuff, this instrumental track was included to this release mostly because a number of ppl have been whining about the vocals on the demo version. So here you go.. drop this one to the data directory of the demo, rename and enjoy the absence of vocals :). Furthermore, making this instrumental version gave me a chance to tweak the so-so mixdown of the original a bit here and there.


About this remix album project as a whole.. We started planning about this during spring 2003 so it definitely has been going on for way too long. It really was about time to get this sucker bagged up. Thanks to everyone who participated and megasuperl33t thanks to everyone who participated _and_ delivered! Took quite some time to get an album-length release assembled, but it was worth it in my opinion. What a interesting bunch of interpretations this thing turned out to be! :) .. The songs are arranged simply in the order they were submitted. At first I was trying to build up some "album length overall flow" by trying to sort the songs by mood/genre/tempo/whatnot, but none of these (or any combinations of them) really worked out that well. That's about it I guess..

.. ..

Oh yeah, almost forgot this: Extramegasuperduper fuckings go to Synesthetics! You stole the kwl particle engine so in return we stole your fucking font and text writer routines for this release!! :PPPP .. In your face you german trance motherfuckers!!1 NOW I'm done >:I .. Over and out.


from Variform Remixed, released November 25, 2005




Little Bitchard Helsinki, Finland


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